The Redemption Family worship ministry is a group of musicians and singers who lead Redemption Family in praise and worship to the Lord. Their first responsibility is to worship God and their second responsibility is to lead the congregation into that same position and posture of worship through song. We create a culture of worship by leading and teaching a lifestyle of worship that is both private and corporate. We praise extravagantly and we worship intimately while remaining rooted in a life of gratitude and thankfulness towards the Lord. 

Why does the Lord invite us into a place of worship? The Lord, in ​H​is mercy, designed it for us to find our fullest expression in life standing before ​H​im accepted, delighted in, and ministering unto Him in thanksgiving and praise. God always chooses the best. If God, in loving us, chooses to design us as worshippers, then what’s the point? You always become like what you worship. There’s nothing ​H​e could want more for us than for us to become like Him. With that in mind, He designed us to be worshippers. We’ve drawn a line in the sand and said, “This is why we’re alive, this is our supreme responsibility, our great God-given opportunity to be those who minister to the Lord.”

Meeting Times


7:00 pm


Daniel York


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